We are a décor rental company providing trendy, picturesque items; from donut boards, to bohemian styled chairs, various décor pieces and more, we have spent time creating and handpicking pieces that are sure to add a fun and beautiful touch to your special event! With our seamless rental system, you are guaranteed to have the décor you love without the outrageous price, while also helping with environmental sustainability. Stay tuned for additions to our inventory!



Our Story | Meet The Browns

It all started with planning for our own wedding day...

Hi! We're Kaitlin & Joe, the husband and wife duo behind Built by Browns Rentals. While planning our own wedding, we immediately learned how expensive and stressful it can be to host a special event. So when it came to our décor, we made a huge effort to save everywhere we could without sacrificing the look and feel that we wanted for our big day. This meant hunting for second-hand items and major discounts, renting what we could, and even building our own. The week following our wedding, we received several questions about our plans for the donut board we had built. Although we no longer had use for it, we didn't want to get rid of it so it became a no-brainer that we would rent it out. Built with nothing but love, we knew it would be rewarding to see something we created bring others' joy. Eventually one idea led to the next and along with enjoying our brand new chapter as Mr. & Mrs., we decided to spend a few months working to create a small rental business. We are excited to work together in this new way and can't wait for all of the future events that our pieces will get to be a part of!  xo - The Browns